The programme

The programme is based on the ethos of matching the right working environment by using the right tools and support measures whilst working alongside the most relevantly skilled professionals within the relevant business and industry.


Business Planning & Strategic Objectives

All good businesses starts with a clear vision, and well defined objectives.

This phase primarily focuses on business strategy, ultimately, leading to a business plan that studies the following:

  • Identifying Company’s goals & objectives`
  • Defining the core product/service offering
  • Competition & market research
  • Risk Profiling
  • Micro / Macro factor analysis
  • Financial Forecasts & Sensitivity analysis

Corporate Structures & Governance

Preparation for what's yet to come requires a robust and forward-looking corporate setup.

This phase is about:

  • Identifying the most suitable corporate vehicle and framework
  • Drawing up relevant mandatory governmental documents
  • Preparing for future growth in a structured manner
  • Supporting investor and stakeholder involvement


Process, Policies & Procedures

Getting one’s house in order allows for scalability and control.

During this phase, the programme focuses on:

  • Setting up Standard Operating Procedures
  • Establishing core business policies
  • Mapping out procedures
  • Visualising an organigram for present and future

  • Defining HR roles & structure

Financial Reporting Structure

Accounting & Financial reporting is the most consistent and measurable means to assess performance.

This phase allows the founder to work alongside the professional accountancy team to:

  • Set up a well-suited cloud-based financial reporting (accountancy) software
  • Draw up relevant reporting channels
  • Create an HR & Payroll reporting (if applicable)
  • Set up of accounting processes to support reporting lines

Marketing Strategy

Once the vision is set, then the brand must be developed.

Once the brand vision and purpose are clearly defined, the next phase focuses on:

  • Defining a brand strategy
  • Planning for brand launching
  • Identifying appropriate marketing avenues
  • Planning online presence
  • Building a marketing budget and an execution plan

Valuation & Fundraising

Like all graduates, ready for the real world, once all has been set start-ups need to present their offering to launch themselves officially.

The last phase of the programme focuses on drawing an investor-ready pitch worthy of consideration:

  • Preparation of a structured business valuation
  • Identifying appropriate funding channels
  • Compiling an investor pitch deck
  • Mock Pitch Training

As a participant, your start-up will gain access to



Our interactive and versatile environment stimulates creativity and encourages team building. The whole floor has been recently renovated and is showered in natural light. The workspace is equipped with facilities to suit every business need including high-speed internet, meeting rooms and pods, reception services and networking facilities.



B2B offers a fully comprehensive and an all-rounded educational programme by field professionals. Start-up founders are trained to bring them up to speed with key skills every entrepreneur should have. B2B training seminars and courses cover Business Development, Operations, Finance, IT, Marketing, Coaching, Time Management, Communication, Public Speaking, Fiscal, Legal and much more.



Our team of professionals will be available throughout the programme. We will provide start-ups with all the necessary support to set up and formalize their structures, accounting, and financial reporting systems. The Firstbridge team shall be based within the same building as the incubation offices. Firstbridge shall be providing six months worth of: Accountancy Services, VAT & Tax Compliance, Payroll Services, and Advisory Leadership Meetings.



We have a star-studded list of C-Suite professionals within diverse business backgrounds who are committed to sharing their vision and extensive experience. Our mentors provide start-ups with insight, support, and one-on-one attention throughout the incubation period.