The Hub

A professional work environment could mean the difference between a beginner start-up and a well-evolved business.

Basement2Boardroom is here to help you build a better work environment - for both your team and to build better client relationships. Our incubator provides practical, concrete resources that may be difficult for start-ups to obtain or afford - all in a newly-refurbished office space that incorporates working wellness and modern design.

More than a
co-working space

What makes our open incubator offices stand out is the variety of facilities that young businesses can use, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional rented office.

Along with seriously low prices and essential amenities, the best thing about the Basement2Boardroom offices is the rewarding incubation experience. Through the platform we have carefully crafted to accelerate start-up transformation, the incubation process takes life and a standard workday turns into a moment of creativity and innovation.

What are the benefits of renting incubator offices in Malta?

  • Access to advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and field professionals;
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities through B2B events, gatherings and business functions;
  • Cheaper alternative to renting traditional offices;
  • Client-friendly and professional meeting spaces;
  • The community of creative entrepreneurs who offer advice and share fresh ideas.

Become a B2B Member

Our incubation offices are more than co-working spaces. We have created a community of dedicated and innovative entrepreneurs ready to work alongside each other to disrupt the market.

We give individuals the option to operate from our incubation offices as B2B Members. Being a B2B Member allows you to save money, benefit from a number of exclusive amenities and be a part of the promising start-up community where sharing of ideas and networking flourishes.

How can you become a B2B member?

Enrol in the 6-month incubator programme or Qualify as a start-up through purchasing either a:

  • 1-month dedicated desk package;
  • 3-month hot desk package;
  • Be among the Top 3 winners of the Pitchora Competition for start-ups.

The Space

  • Board Rooms
  • Individual Pods
  • Class Room
  • Event Area
  • Canteen & Terrace Area
  • Chillout Area
  • Access to a rich business-focused library

Essential services

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Serviced reception
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning Service
  • Printing Services
  • Vending Machine

Extra facilities

  • Bookable Car Space
  • Mentorship Services
  • Start-up Advisory Services

Extra Services & Unique Amenities

  • Listed company name on board in the main entrance
  • Mail and package handling/receiving
  • Use of commercial facilities like our kitchen and canteen
  • Receptionist service
  • Print & Scan service
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